Have an Advance Medical Directive?

“Do you have an Advance Medical Directive?” Because of federal law, this is typically one of the first questions that is put to every American adult who visits any hospital’s emergency room for any reason – from a bee sting to a serious accident. Sadly, for the past 25 years most people have answered “No,” and the conversation has stopped right there. But it shouldn’t.

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Did You Know?

  • 73% of Americans would prefer to die at home, but only 25% actually do. Instead, nearly 70% die in a hospital, nursing home, or long-term care facility.
  • About half of all people who die from cancer or another chronic illness experience unrelieved suffering during their final days.
  • Recent studies of terminally ill patients show an increased likelihood of depression and an average six-year permanently reduced lifespan for their caregivers.
  • “Some chronically ill and dying Americans are receiving too much care – more than they and their families actually want, or can benefit from.”
    -- Dr. John Wennberg, Dartmouth Medical School
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Physicians: How Sacient ACP can support you

Let us help you get your medical practice fully onboard with professionally facilitated advance care planning.

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