Determining Future Medical Wishes

Did you know? . . .

Having The Conversation about your future medical wishes is far more important than having your advance directive legal documents done, even if you have already executed them?

Every American adult has the guaranteed federal and state legal right (you might say “obligation”) to participate in, decide and direct their own future medical care?

Fewer than 27% of all Americans have any advance medical directives at all, and that 73% of Americans have appointed no one at all to make medical decisions on their behalf in the event of a medical emergency?

A General Power of Attorney legal document is generally useless and powerless for making any medical decisions at all?

More than half of all artificial life supports, medical treatments and life prolonging procedures delivered in the U.S. are both medically futile and unwanted by patients and their families?

All U.S. residents who are covered under Medicare Part B can now get no-cost or co-pay-only professional medical planning conversations for themselves and their family members as an ongoing part of their standard benefits package?

Unless you legally appoint someone to do it, your dying process might get dragged out only because there will be no one with the power to tell medical teams “That’s enough. Stop it now,” even if it is already medically determined that you cannot recover and the life supports you’re getting will never stop the dying process?

Wait No Longer . . .

We are committed to continuing the important conversation about your personal wishes, and changing this dangerous situation for the vast majority of American individuals and their loved ones who continue to be uniformed and legally unprepared for the onset of a serious illness, a sudden injury, incapacity, dementia, or what certainly awaits each one of us — our life’s end. Welcome to Sacient ACP, your new home for expert advance care medical planning, guided conversations, legal documentation and customized support that will be just right for you.

Speak up for what you will want, or not want, when the time comes

Right now, do YOU even know what that is? Every Sacient-facilitated conversation will be about helping you and your loved ones to understand the options and decisions you need to make about the kind of medical treatment you would one-day want, or not want, if you ever became incapacitated to the extent that you could no longer speak for yourself. It also involves choosing someone you know, love and trust who could legally make good decisions for you in a crisis, because that person already knows your wishes and has agreed to carry them out. Almost everyone will lose the ability to communicate for themselves at some point in life. But most people know so little about the current medical technologies, treatment options, and complicated state laws, that it is nearly impossible for them to make good decisions — or to make only those decisions that are best for them — without some information, some explanation and some professional help. That’s why getting help from a trained and expertly informed facilitator is your very best choice for just this kind of complex medical decision-making and legal documentation. Almost no lawyers, and very few doctors, are professionally trained, comfortable, willing or able to give you the time and attention needed to adequately explain, and then help you and your loved ones to have the kind of supported conversations that are required for making informed and meaningful medical decisions that have been based only on your own unique life-values, beliefs, sensitive family discussions, and personal wishes.