Caregivers and All Others

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More than 80 percent of all of the home-based care that is provided to elder and sick individuals in the U.S. is delivered by family members. It is a tremendous contribution, but also a tremendous burden, as many individuals and families strain to provide the increasingly complex support that is needed to stabilize a loved-one’s health conditions, provide for their changing needs, and keep them at home. Too often, though, caregivers try to nobly shoulder this burden alone and in silence, and they most often are not even minimally prepared for the inevitable legal and medical decisions that lay just ahead for them and their loved ones. Are you a caregiver now? Do you expect to become one in the not-too-distant future? Another tragic reality for caregivers lies in the very nature of love itself. That’s to say, it is a standard definition of love that a person will put the interests of those they love ahead of their own interests. Too often, for caregivers this sometimes means that they neglect their own health and needs until it really hurts. It is not uncommon for the caregiver to become more sick than the person he or she is caring for.

Sometimes these caregivers’ own health completely collapses, and they die even before the person they’ve been caring for. Stress is a killer. And few things are more stressful than caring for a frail elder or very sick family member. Therefore, it only makes sense that caregivers avoid any and all stress that is truly avoidable. Advance care medical planning is one of the best things any of us can do to minimize this stress…for the caregiver and the patient. We all know that health decline and eventual death is coming. But it does not have to be the horribly stress-provoking experience that it has become for most unprepared Americans — only because they “kick the can down the road” so long that they finally run out of road. Don’t let you or your loved ones make that tragic mistake. Get started on this today.

Only Choose the Best

Be careful who you trust and choose to assist you and your family with this vital conversation and decision-making process! Not all certified Advance Care Planning Facilitators are the same. Many are only Respecting Choices® trained in “First Steps” or “Next Steps.” These levels of certification training are targeted for younger, healthier individuals. These facilitators were not trained or certified in the all-important “Last Steps” level of training, which is most appropriate for older adults because of its specific focus on those facing more advanced illnesses and possibly end-of-life medical decision-making. Last Steps is conversation facilitation that is built on the best-practice National POLST Paradigm and is designed to reflect your wishes and preferences in physician-to-physician orders that, by law, must follow you in and out of any medical treatment setting into which you might one day be transferred. Every Sacient ACP Conversationalist is fully certified in Last Steps. And we even have a number of certified Last Steps Instructors on board, key experts who competently train and professionally certify well-qualified Last Steps Facilitators.

It’s Priceless . . . and Affordable

As part of our core mission, Sacient ACP is firmly committed to making meaningful advance care planning conversations as accessible and affordable as possible…for as many people as possible. In almost all instances, we charge less that any attorney would charge, both for the conversational facilitation and the actual advance directive legal documents that may result from it. We don’t quote prices on our web site because each conversation is a customized experience, providing you and your family with as little, or as much, help as you need based on the medical conditions involved and the required extent of necessary decision making. But we can make you this promise: You won’t find more professionally expert help with this critically important conversational process for any lower price…anywhere. If you do, we’ll gladly match any other provider’s written quote for the same level of individualized services and supports. For a confidential quote, contact us today to discuss your unique needs and circumstances. For your convenience, we accept most major credit cards.

There’s No Longer Any Reason For Delay

To schedule your Facilitated ACP Conversation either alone, or with members of your family, simply click on the link below, and submit the requested information. You will be promptly contacted by a Sacient ACP Certified Conversationalist to arrange an appointment time at one of our convenient interview sites.