Learning More

There is no shortage of publicly available information about the advance care planning process or its many beneficial purposes, whether you are a patient, a caregiver, a substitute decision-maker, or just a wise American adult who is seeking to learn more. In fact, right now there is a literal explosion of national interest and knowledge about advance care planning; so much so that at Sacient ACP we describe advance care planning as a National Movement, whose timing is long overdue but, thankfully, has finally arrived. Our site is necessarily limited in its scope, focusing on actual services for those who already know something about advance care planning and now wish to move forward by getting support, guidance and executed advance directive documents. If you are not yet ready to put your own advance care medical plan in place, we want to help you learn more about why advance care planning is so vitally necessary for your best possible medical future, that will be based only on your own personal goals for care, preferences, individual values, spiritual beliefs, and world view. For you, here are some useful links to valuable learning resources that we trust. We urge you to spend the necessary time needed on these web sites, in order for learn all you can, and then return to our site ready to move forward with your personalized advance care planning process. We’ll be here waiting for you!