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As we’ve said before, it is always true that Advance Care Planning is a lifelong journey, fueled along the way by either the healthcare choices and decisions you will make yourself, or the decisions others will make for you without your input. With Sacient ACP at your side as you begin, or as you continue along life’s most important journey, the very first decision for you to make is right here, and right now, on this page: What’s the best way for you and your loved ones to access and benefit from our facilitated conversation and legal documentation services? Will you make a one-time “pit stop” along the way, or would you rather have an advance care planning “co-pilot” with you for the whole of what’s left of your life’s journey? The answer will probably depend on where you are right now in your health status. For instance, a young and healthy 19 year-old may smartly understand his or her immediate legal need to have an advance care medical directive in place and, therefore, only wish for a one-stop service just for this purpose, while an 85 year-old patient who is in active health decline and may be facing a prolonged series of key medical decisions may require ongoing discussions and document changes frequently over the next couple of years. In this case a $55 annual subscription and ongoing partnership with Sacient ACP might be the better choice. But like everything else involved in the advance care planning process, this is a matter for only you to decide. Here’s the difference in our service offerings for these two options, provided to help you decide:

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FOR ALL OTHER (NON-MEDICARE) CLIENTS ($100 deposit required for one-time service. $155 deposit required for subscription service.)

Other Legal Documentation Needs

When you purchase Sacient ACP’s conversation and medical documentation services, our own in-house attorney can also prepare your related legal documents, generally at a flat rate that is less than half the cost of hiring an attorney on your own. When facing health decline or possible incapacity, it is always wise to have all of your legal bases covered. Leave no stone unturned! Speak to your Sacient Conversationalist about the need for these documents, too.

  • Simple Will,
  • “Pour-Over” Will with Revocable Living Trust,
  • Durable General Power of Attorney (for Business Affairs)